Men's short-sleeved shirt with candy color pants look good?

Hot summer, short-sleeved shirt is a must for men's wardrobe, then the question came, short-sleeved shirt to match what pants look better? Is it compatible with candy colored pants? Below with Xiaobian take a look! This men's plaid short-sleeved shirt, red and black combination of check, plus fresh white background, full of young and stylish taste, plus black lapel and cuff stitching, and the back is a black block, and more Significant color outline. With candy yellow men's casual pants, feet meters white shallow mouth shoes, handsome full! Full of artistic sense of printing for this short-sleeved shirt, highlighting the stylish personality blur, with self-cultivation version of the design, the more prominent male charm. With a candy pink casual five pants, plus small black floral belt embellishment, coupled with a pair of beige British style with leather shoes, the summer will be so worn. Photo credit: LeeLeith Men's LeRui

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