Men's wear low-key hit color out of their own style

This site May 29 hearing, clever color matching can improve a person's overall temperament, that is, self-confidence and vitality, live out their own personality, publicity of their own courage. The use and collision of colors will reflect a person's personality and mental outlook.

Hit color is very popular, simply put, the color of large color or spliced ​​together, this style gives a good feeling, does not have to hit a large range of color, can be a small color block hit the color, also This feeling can be played incisively and vividly, but it is very bright, but it is unobtrusive and gives people a feeling of comfort. Bright colors, the effect of the impact makes people look lively and cheerful, soft colors, the effect of knocking out makes people seem gentle, dark colors, people cool full. The classic hit color match is as follows:

Yellow with purple

On the color chart, yellow and purple are contrasting colors. Using this feature, playing contrast color is to capture the contrasting color.

Yellow and purple, to some extent, are warm colors, that is to say

Yellow and purple, to some extent, belong to the warm color system, that is to say, in terms of color performance, giving people the feeling is lively and extroverted. Therefore, these colors can be a good expression of a person's personality traits, telling people with clothes, "I am very cheerful."

When matching a color dress, it is not always necessary to use the color of the clothing.

In the case of a hit-and-match outfit, it is not always necessary to use the color of the garment as a main component, or to make use of the color of the accessories to make up for the color.

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