Method of identifying safety glass

[China Glass Network] 1. The more important and safer method is to see if there is a 3C certification mark on the safety glass. Because according to regulations, the 3C certification mark must be on the safety glass.

2. By listening, that is to say, hitting the glass by hand, if the glass makes a crisp sound, the glass is tempered glass, and vice versa is ordinary glass.

3. When a polarizing plate is used, it is a tempered glass that can see a color strip on the side of the glass through the polarizing plate, and a black and white spot can be seen in the surface layer of the glass. Polarizers can be found in camera lenses or glasses, and attention is paid to the adjustment of the light source during viewing, which makes it easier to observe.

The location of the building where safety glass is required:

The Building Safety Glass Management Regulations stipulate that safety glass must be used for the following parts of the building that require glass as the building material.

(1) Opening windows outside the 7th and 7th floors.

(2) Window glass or glass bottom edge with an area greater than 1.5 m2 (the glass is assembled in the frame, the light-transmitting portion of the glass and the opaque portion covered by the glass mounting material) is separated from the floor-to-ceiling window with a finishing surface of less than 500 mm. .

(3) Curtain wall (except for the whole glass curtain).

(4) Tilting assembly windows, various types of ceilings (including skylights, lighting roofs) and ceilings.

(5) Sightseeing elevators and their outer enclosures.

(6) Indoor partitions and screens.

(7) Stairs, balconies, barriers of platform corridors and guardrails in the atrium.

(8) Floor panels foraging pedestrians.

(9) Entrances, entrance halls, etc. of public buildings (including 1, door glass 2, glass installed above the door, glass installed on both sides of the door, and the distance between the vertical side of the door opening and the door opening is less than 300mm).

(10) Other parts that are subject to impact and impact and cause human injury.

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