Moonstone One Million Yuan RMB Domestic Meteorite Collection Market Is Forming

The meteorite is known as "the outer rock." In recent years, there has been an upsurge of meteorite collection in China. In three or four years, not only the price of the meteorite has soared, but the domestic meteorite collection market has gradually taken shape.

It is understood that in the 1990s, there were only about 200 people involved in the global trade in meteorites, and the number of people involved has increased to more than 10,000. The global price of meteorite climbed from a few dollars per pound to a huge figure comparable to diamonds.

Zhang Jie, a fan of the meteorite collection, told reporters that now the domestic meteorite collection has formed a circle of more than 100 people, and the number has increased year by year. Zhang Jie told reporters that he had taken his best stone Moon Rock. At a meteorological exchange meeting, several collectors expressed his intention to purchase. Zhang Jie said that the lowest bid has reached 10,000 yuan a gram. However, he did not sell it and thought that the price was still below his expectations.

The scarcity of quantity and market speculation are important reasons for the soaring price of the meteorites collection. A senior meteorite collector in China introduced that the number of known meteorites in the world is around 40,000, a total of 100 tons. Wang Shichao, an expert in the gas industry, frankly stated that the price of the meteorite trade is generally not open to the public within the circle, nor is it too open to the public because there is currently no authoritative institution that can price the rock. “As a collection, the main consideration is its research and cultural value, not the price.” “After research, it has been found that some meteorite rocks may challenge our theoretical limits, and that the value cannot be measured!”

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