Nike denied denying wearable devices

Nike denied denying wearable devices

Nike denied reports that the media had abandoned its fuelband hardware business. Nike clarified that only a small amount of layoffs will be made to the company’s digital sports department and will not give up fuelband hardware. Industry insiders predict that Nike may have more in-depth cooperation with Apple in the field of wearable devices in the future.

Nike said in a statement: “nike+fuelband se is still an important part of our business. We will continue to improve nike+fuelband applications, introduce new color combinations, and continue to sell nike+fuelband se in the foreseeable future, and for It provides support.” The digital sport division was founded in 2010 and is responsible for fuelband fitness bracelets, nike+ smart watches and other connected devices. It is understood that the department has a total of 200 employees and 70 employees have received notifications from Nike. The fuelband sports function bracelet is the first heavyweight product released by the digital sports department. It can measure the energy consumed by the wearer for all daily activities and was launched in February 2012.

Under the condition that the hardware project is in danger, Nike's software project is further expanding. Nike launched the nike+fuel lab project in San Francisco before. Nike said it plans to cooperate with myfitnesspal, runkeeper and strava to expand the nike+ platform. In the opinion of analysts, nike+ combines sports with the Internet, making Nike "is no longer a traditional sportswear company, and it has come to the front of traditional sports brand competitors." According to the data, the number of registered users in the community has increased rapidly from 5 million to more than 10 million in the past year, and is regarded as the new engine driving the growth of the company’s performance.

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