On the streets of Tokyo, black hair becomes a wind!

On June 18th this site, black stockings has begun to sweep the world as if it were a black virus. From continental Europe to Asia. As long as you walk down the street, you will surely see a sexy "black leg" swinging in front of your eyes.

Modeling Comments: sexy black silk, naturally with a pair of wild boots. If you add a little fringe decoration, rivet modeling, sexy and wild urban style will certainly bring you a lot of return rates.

Modeling Comments: Of course, retro shoes with stockings is another style of taste. Loose blouses and chiffon skirts combine vintage and sexy artfully.

Modeling Comments: Not only skirts, shorts and stockings, but also very popular. Thick stockings have a clear stovepipe effect. This year's favorite stockings seems to be the white striped blouse. It has appeared twice. Have you not forgotten it? !

Modeling Comments: With a chiffon top, a little sexy, a little more sweet temperament among them.

Modeling Comments: Relative to thick black silk, light black stockings, more sexy charm. The so-called "meat and meat" feeling will push you to the edge of sexy!

Modeling comments: pink combination, with black silk, the same wonderful. Not only a sexy expression, stovepipe, simple, black stockings wild, absolutely can match your different temperament, show the same wonderful.

Modeling Comments: Cowboys with black silk, also has its own unique temperament. Sweet lace, bow, will be the most beautiful girl's temperament. And the touch of sweetness and sensuality in the touch of sweetness comes from black stockings.

Modeling comments: Although it is the main sport style, it is also inseparable from a pair of black stockings. The so-called wild fashion, that is, regardless of the shape, can be sandwiched in one, even if not enough color, it will definitely not be counterproductive.

Modeling comments: tight skirts are also very suitable for black stockings. Whether it's a casual style or a professional suit... Of course, there are also some avant-garde styling, such as this “horrific” two-toed boots.

Modeling comments: black silk, skirt, wide belt, white, horizontal stripes. Mix these elements together. You are even learning our Japanese street spirit. In the summer, come and try your black stockings!

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