One ring actually shows two brand logos

The consumer, Mr. He did not expect that the platinum ring he bought had two trademarks, which made him question the true and false of the ring and proposed ten times compensation. Recently, under the mediation of the Yuyao City Market Supervision Bureau Tuen Mun Branch, the bizarre brand platinum ring consumption dispute was finally resolved: the operator refunded 10,000 yuan.

It turned out that Mr. He bought a brand platinum ring in the jewelry counter of Yuyao’s “Saturday Fortune” for 3,190 yuan. He found that the stamp on the inside of the ring “Shoufu” was printed with a stamp of “Bright” and thought it was bought. goods. So, he took the platinum ring and the invoice, went to the Yuyao City Market Supervision Bureau Tuen Mun Branch to complain, and asked the merchant ten times compensation. The head of the "Saturday Fu" jewelry counter holding the authorization of Hong Kong Saturday Fu Jewelry Co., Ltd. firmly refused, and the two sides fell into a stalemate.

The mediator decided to separate the two sides into ideological work. The mediator learned that the counters of the operators also represented the distribution of the two brands of "Shu Fu" and "Ming Pai". The ring was actually imported by the "Ming Pai" company in the first half of the year. However, due to work mistakes, when processing a batch of "Shoufu" ring logos at the "Saturday Fortune" processing factory, the "Bright" ring was accidentally sent to processing, so a ring appeared. The case of a brand identity. In the communication with Mr. He, the mediator said that it is currently impossible to prove that the ring is a subjective malpractice of counterfeit goods and operators, so ten times compensation cannot be supported. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement: the jewelry counter will give consumers a refund of two, that is, the consumer refunds the ring, the counter returns the 3190 yuan ring, and then gives the consumer 6810 yuan of economic compensation.

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