OU. European Point Women's Hubei Qianjiang New Store Opening

In late summer and early autumn, elegance is as good as ever. OU. European Point Hubei Qianjiang New Store is about to be opened on August 28th. OU. European Point Women's Fashion Autumn 2015 is now available. Welcome to visit! Surprise promotions, waiting for you to discover! See the event poster!

Opening hours: August 28 to September 6

Address: European Point, 80-2 Labor Bureau, Jianshe Street, Qianjiang City, Hubei Province

Spritzy coffee dessert time, to accompany you through a warm autumn atternoon tea. The pure ice blue is clear and moving, giving a fresh visual experience. Gradual ice-blue lace prints exude a touch of femininity, and flowery skirts express delicate style, elegant and romantic ruffled skirts, sweet and romantic.

The ethnic style revisited early in the fall and the geometric pattern of the tribal prints expressed both personal expression and passionate catharsis. Patterns and colors are the most significant symbols of national winds. Through stitching of solid color shirt collars, curved V-neck, A-skirts and other design techniques, it is filled with retro and elegant exotic style.

The geometric flower lace series continues the OU. romantic and feminine design style, the entire series is full of elegant feminine flavor. Highlight the temperament of the high collar and stand collar design, selection of comfortable lace material, the perfect show OU. Celebrity's soft temperament.

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