Paraballa candy color series spring out the street Xuan Liang dress up

Warm and cozy in the spring of 2012, candy color big outbreak! Fashion mom is time to put on the baby beautiful candy-colored spring, so that the baby has become sweet and seductive. Peacock blue sweater with pink heart pantyhose shape sweet rock Fan children; gorgeous pink orange and fresh yellow in the spring so brilliant people can not move the eye; grass green jacket, rose red outdoor cap plus a pair of sunglasses, Simple and stylish at your fingertips! Barabara let baby girls open the wings of an angel, enjoy the childhood fun and dreams. Candy-colored beauty dress achievement princess unlimited fashion dress. Balabara intimate with the program 1: Doodle denim skirt + T-shirt + candy-colored Leggings Barabara intimate with program 2: letters sweater + pants + scarf Balabara intimate with program 3: candy color coat + sweater + short skirts Balabara intimate with the program 4: color hoodies + outdoor fluorescent cap + skateboarding pants The past impression seems to always be dark-colored baby boy-based clothing, sweater T-shirt is the mainstream, people always feel that there seems to be less so much tricks. Indeed, the popular cycle of boys than women a lot longer, but this year's body we can peep out a number of new popular clues, so that the male baby can tide! The new series to share the candy color to the boys, so that the baby out of the "black and white gray" shackles, but also candy colored upper body. Parrot yellow, coral green, lake blue as a highlight of color, decorated with black men and women, white basic tune, so that the baby is dynamic but yet elegant. Balabara intimate with program 1: Plaid coat + basketball pants + shoes Paraballa intimate with program 2: letter sweater + Hyun color T + seven pants Parabula caring with program 3: baseball cap + skateboard waterproof sweater Barra Barra caring with programs 4: Hiphop wind T-shirt + shoulder bag + jeans

Our Artificial Birch Trees are made by the highest quality raw materials and as such they look extremely lifelike. The artificial birch trees are quite elegant and durable  and do not require any maintance. 

Our Artificial Birch Tree is Ideal for display in a wide range of commercial spaces such as:  parks, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, retail stores, entertainment place, healthcare and hospitality spaces,  theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces.

Artificial Birch Tree

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