Pikeland Emperor flight singing party Nanjing Station is about to open hot

Nanjing children attention slightly! Parkland Empire 2013 flight singing and dancing will be held on November 2 at 2:30 in Hexi Wanda Plaza, Hall 2 hot opened. Maybe you still can not believe your eyes and ears, maybe you are not ready, is suspect, but at this moment, they really come! They are known as the "First Flying Group" in China, the first small children to host a group. They are small dragonflies, bees, bugs and tigers. It is said that this flight is not only for children Come to the exciting program, will also be sent to children over a lot of gifts, at the same time, Pikrantong children's clothing also for the children prepared a huge value surprise, and by the flight family to everyone! how about it? Is not very excited ah? Rush to Nanjing Pikelandi children's clothing counter (New City, the Central Market, Suguo supermarket, Xinjiekou Department Store, Children's King children's supplies, Suning Universal, Jiangning Wan Shang City, Central Mall Hexi Branch, Bridge North Pacific Mall) grab Tickets! A limited number of first come, first served. Ticket hotline:

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