Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing and then opened a new store in Sichuan Dujiangyan store opened

Rainbow cat blue rabbit opened in this new store in October never stopped, the continuation of the popularity of the summer! Recently, Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Store in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province has finally opened as scheduled. With the warm autumn and winter 2013 come, Dujiangyan new store warmly welcomes the presence of children and parents! Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's wear attach importance to the growth of children, pay attention to different attitudes of life, the clothing product line is to meet the different needs of children's lives, in addition to the sense of quality clothing, the interesting children's life is Rainbow cat blue rabbit to the children Happy fountain. Determined to create "China Disney", a Chinese cartoon image of the pilot. For "Rainbow cat blue rabbit" all partners and the public to create the most value. The establishment of "Rainbow cat blue rabbit" Kingdom of children's wear products, flying children's dreams, bring joy to parents around the world. Preach fashion animation culture, caring for the healthy growth of children.

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