Red Coral: The deep-sea elves are rare and precious

Affected by the earthquake in Japan, red coral has become one of the most rapidly rising collections this year. The price of top red coral has even doubled. Red corals have a long growing period, and their yields are sparse. Large red gemstones are destined to become the ultimate goal of professional collectors.

The Red Coral has gone crazy. “The price of red coral has been climbing steadily after the earthquake in Japan.” Ms. Chen, who works in the red coral business on, told reporters, “Many people worry that the earthquake will affect the production of red coral, so the psychological price will continue to increase. ."

In an interview with the reporter, Xie Jun, the manager of Beijing Antiques City’s Shang-Hua Coral, pointed out that the impact of the disaster on the growth of red coral is not yet clear, but there have been large-scale deaths of corals after the great earthquake in history.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, many coral reefs were exposed above the water surface, causing the death of corals. This time, although Kochi Prefecture, Japan, where top red corals grow, is not the victim of the tsunami-affected area, some people worry that the convergence of the collection, transportation, and processing will lead to the shortage of domestic Red Coral market.

Red corals are made of polyps and resemble pearls. They grow much longer than pearls. They grow deep in the ocean from 200 to 2,000 meters and are not renewable. It grows only in China's Taiwan Strait, the Japan Strait, and the Baltic Sea. It is extremely precious. The Romans call it "red gold," and it is listed as one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is also known as "the only millennium spirit that has life in precious stones."

Ms. Chen told reporters that due to limited production, the price of red coral has been rising for several years. In recent years, it is based on its unique mystical qualities. It has taken high prices at various auctions and has received more and more collections. Enthusiasts sought after. Since the end of last year, Red Coral has simply gone mad, with a 40%-60% increase equal to a full two-year increase.

Red corals are mainly divided into top AKA grades, ordinary AKA grades, and ordinary MOMO grades. In less than a year, the price of the top AKA red coral has risen from 6,000 to 8,000 yuan per gram to 18,000 to 20,000 yuan; Last year's 2000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, rose to the current 6000 to 8,000 yuan; ordinary MOMO level also rose from 800 yuan last year, now more than 1,000 yuan.

Who can compare to my Red Beijing's Taiwan Street has a red coral craft shop, specializing in red coral, the shop area is very small, the price of red coral is amazing. The shop owner said: “The average person will be shocked to see the price, especially the layman.” The reporter saw in the store, ordinary pendant jewelry is sold by grams, the same way as selling gold, but the price is more expensive than gold Several times, such as a small Guanyin, the price of more than 20 million.

The shop shelves are very empty. The owner explained that most of China’s sea areas do not produce red corals, and the main sources of supply are Taiwan and Japan. Red coral is a national protected animal and its operation must be certified. This certificate is not available in the country. “Every time there is a big cargo entering the store, someone makes a special trip to order the goods. Red Coral is really very good now, 18,000 yuan / g no one bargain, and now the most defamatory is the basic goods are Can't enter."

“Ordinary-quality corals of the year were simply unsightly, and now they have become expensive because they cannot fish it.” The friend of the owner said that two years ago, coral dealers from the Mainland went to Taiwan and corals were casually on fishing boats. Picking up; and now not to mention the ship, and even the appearance of the fishing boat has not yet seen, Taiwan's local coral dealers have robbed the goods. The most critical reason is not to grab more people but to have too few corals and fewer and fewer such resources. Sometimes seeing the corals being harvested is only chopped and the desire of many coral dealers is gone. “Every time I go to Taiwan with my money in hand, the biggest hope is that I can spend the money because if I can buy coral, I’ll make it. If I can't buy it, then the toll would all go into it.”

90% of the fakes are red corals going crazy, and the news of fake corals is sometimes exposed. Some senior collectors spent thousands of dollars in red corals collected more than a decade ago. Later they were identified and found that they were all Plastic products counterfeit.

From the appearance point of view, red coral red is also divided into many levels, there are dark red, pink, pink and other colors, the darker the more expensive. The redder the coral, the higher the density, the bigger the better. Occasionally there are black corals in the deep sea, and it is also classified in the red coral category in the gemstone community as black coral. Black-and-red corals are less and more precious than red corals, but others do not like it because it looks less beautiful.

The whole red coral tree is still visible in the past few years, but now it can be encountered without a request. Good colors, fine carvings, and ornaments of some vintages will only show up at art auctions. Some high-quality red coral rings, despite their small size, are also valuable.

According to the Institute of Geological Sciences of Guangdong Province, more than 90% of the red corals identified by the Guangdong Geological Survey Center are counterfeit products, mostly made of plastic products, or processed by means of white coral dyeing.

It is understood that the criminals in previous years were relatively simple in their dyeing techniques. Generally, cotton swabs and alcohol were used to wipe off coral surface stains, which are prone to discoloration. In recent years, dyeing and falsification technology has become more and more sophisticated. Generally, densely-textured white corals are deeply stained to identify the authenticity of these objects. They can only be sent to an authoritative organization and identified by optical techniques.

Therefore, when consumers purchase red corals, it is advisable to ask the merchant to issue an authoritative certificate with the national prefix.

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