s².square Fall / Winter 2012 Fashion - Industrial light and shade transfer

▍ Design theme - Industrial light and shade ▍

Retro style once again led the trend of fashion Back to the 1950s, factories and chimneys of the beauty of coarse ore, dock workers, coy and turning industrial machines are inspired by the main map, the designer every step is Looking for inspiration in the old fashion, the retro trend is to provide truly prominent personality style distinctive clothing.


The beginning of the century today, after the renovation of the retro style of clothing as if the original style of the retains some of the characteristics of clothing, retro and fashion is extremely close relationship. Fashion, always gives people a sense of freshness, and retro brings people nostalgia, new fashion is the denial of the old fashion, and retro is denied the old fashion affirmation. Retro is by no means to wear the previous clothing intact, but while inherited while improving, to meet the needs of modern people's daily needs of the functional, aesthetic, and improved into new elements, triggering overwhelming Vintage trend. Retro style of the more stronger the shaving, retro decoration style, retro hairstyle, retro makeup. . .

s².square 2012秋冬时装——工业的光影流转

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