Shenzhen SHANGYING (Shang Ying) to create a beautiful mature woman

brand name SHANGYING ( still image )

Corporate image We focus on each section of each product, we never look for any shortcuts, we only believe that commitment and perseverance.

branded advantages Collaborative professional fashion design team, a mature brand mode of operation, looking for the Chinese market brand operations and sales expansion.

Business positioning Target consumers targeting mature women aged 30-45 .

brand operation Membership of the distinguished model, enjoy the senior designer models and the perfect mix of philosophy, VIP handbook and fashion guide to enjoy the world of fashion information services, refined and elegant decent modern, distinctive cultural qualities and beauty of European-style products .

Brand Culture The new business era, the fashion of the new moon made of life: to the heart, elegant shape.

Core Business Modern urban fashion business panorama design and development.

Business strategy Direct marketing, brand joining.

Consumer groups 30-45 years old, with a higher culture and cultural conservation, the pursuit of fashion and taste, there are certain

Economic basis, mature women with independent aesthetic orientation.

Price positioning Still shadow women's product prices will be positioned at a medium level, the main spring and summer prices 300-800

yuan. Fall and winter clothes main price 300-1200 yuan.

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Join Tel: 13682403355 Miss Ho

Business QQ : 710618121

Company Address: Buji, Shenzhen Aquaculture Building, second floor

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