Shirley Manfen underwear brand of "road to innovation"

Change forever. As a modern underwear business, Shih Man-fen has been constantly seeking the ever-changing potential, the same is the pursuit of the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly underwear, the change is in constant innovation, according to the requirements of the times, into New element.


Shirley Mann health underwear

First, the same: the quality of healthy underwear

Mermaid underwear joined franchise brand, with the same health quality, the advanced concepts of health underwear into the brand.

Mansfield underwear chain brand has the People's Republic of China Intellectual Property Office issued a "plant fiber underwear" patent certificate. Self-developed plant fiber fabrics used in the design of underwear, the development of different functions of the nursing fabrics - pineapple fiber underwear: soft cool, aloe fiber underwear: hygroscopic care, bamboo fiber underwear: UV, wood fiber underwear: antibacterial anti Static electricity, pearl fiber underwear: bright and smooth, cotton fiber underwear: breathable soft, milk fiber underwear: antibacterial and wearable. Professional care-based health fabrics designed poems Manfen underwear, all-round care of women's health;

On the other hand, the scientific and rational structural design of Schmeman's underwear also embodies the characteristics of healthy humanity. The physiological characteristics of women are further studied. In combination with ergonomics and fat freeness theory, underwear The beauty of the curve.


Shymhuffin mask


Mans Mann nail

Second, change: innovation wave

Poem Manfen underwear joined chain brand, advancing with the times in the development of enterprises, the courage to break through innovation into new things.
At the beginning of the rise of new media marketing, Seymour Manfin seize the opportunity to independently develop the "micro-mall", the integration of online and offline sales, franchisees to provide advanced marketing methods, effective promotion and promotion to attract More customers and improve customer loyalty.

In the multi-category collection of popular concept of terminal store marketing, not yet fully used in the underwear industry, Shih Man-Man seize the development opportunities, the introduction of Korean nail experience museum mode, open to "women's brand" strategic transformation first step. Developed by the poetry Man Fenzi company "Allure Hai" series mask, 2015 has been fully listed, so that women fully enjoy the beauty. Shi Manfun adapt to the needs of the market, forming a "one-stop" service system, the trend of maturity in the steady development.

For many years, Shirley Manfinger devoted himself to the research, development and design of healthy lingerie and achieved the leading position in the industry. Shimoman Fen is a modern underwear enterprise that constantly innovates and seeks development. With the rise of new marketing model, Shine Man Fen has been steadily moving forward in line with the requirements of the times and has helped more than 3000 dealers to open stores and get rich.

Manshine poetry underwear, invites the country's major distributors to join! (Hotline:)

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