Si Na Navice third team leader skills competition out of style

April 20, Si Na Navice third leader PK skills competition in the manufacturing workshop first workshop hot start. Competition judges from the factory leaders Hu Gexin, Wang Chunzhong, Zhao Lifang, Jiang Gaoping, Chen Fei, Wu Jiangtao composition, production workshop seven workshops a total of eighty-four team leader started the skills competition. Company Audit Department full participation in competitions to ensure that fair and equitable determination of the top fifteen outstanding team leader.


At eight twenty in the morning, all the team leaders are neatly lined up at the factory gate to listen to the staff preaching process requirements, competition and other precautions. Ten minutes later, the race was officially started in a workshop. After receiving the necessary tools and materials, the team leaders quickly found their own workbench, concentrate on cutting, ironing, spotting, sewing ... ... three hours later, from cut pieces to ready-made garments, From a pair of clever hands turned out. At one o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Liusong, the head of 8 workshops in five workshops, handed over the garments to the auditors in the first place. Subsequently, other leaders also began to deliver one after another.


Flying needle in the workshop where the line, there is also overwhelmed the test room. Judges also seem to compete in two sets of test efficiency, fast check the goods at the same time, do not miss a detail. Inspection site contains the cloth surface, collar / header, the former film, sets of people, internal, a total of 31 scoring criteria. After the test, then the audit staff scanned the QR code logo on the garment to identify the name of the participating team leader and register the final grade.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, commendation meetings were held on time in the training classroom. Audit Minister Cheng Hsueh-lun first announced the results of the competition. The team leader of 12 workshops, Ye Guohua, won the skill competition with a total score of 100 points. Hu Qingwei, Chen Song, Tian Hongfang and Chen Yeyun ranked two to five, Yun, Fang Hongliang, Zhang Yong, Cheng Zifu, Hu Xinri, Ding Songlin, Wu Changde, Jin Hailin, He Shengbin, Jiao Wenbao won six to fifteen. In addition, in the skills ranking of the head of each workshop, the five workshops ranked first with an average score of 86.2. Chairman Ying Renzhong, Vice President Hu Jinxin and trade union chairman Miao Hongzui respectively awarded prizes to the winners.

Through the head of skills competitions, the purpose is to encourage the head of the team in their routine work, and often grasp the skills are not lax, improve the practical guidance of team members, and speed up the control of production efficiency and quality assurance. At the same time, this is also a basis for assessing the level of leader.

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