Spring & Summer's most IN Shoes Cape Shoes enhance your fashion

Ben Wang, April 18th, after round-bottom heeled shoes took over the entire autumn and winter, the sharp "killer with" and the extreme pointed shoes also hold the cape-toe shoes. . No one expected that the most IN shoes in spring and summer of 2012 turned out to be Cap-toe shoes with small toecaps on the tip of the shoe. From color matching to metal materials, the variety of shoes has become a trend for stars to chase.

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Louis Vuitton 2012 RTW Spring/Summer Spring Fashion Show
Louis Vuitton 2012 RTW Spring/Summer Spring Fashion Show

What is cap-toe?

The name “Capoto Shoes” is derived from the English “Cap-toe”. Just as Coco Chanel borrowed inspiration from men's wear design for women's fashion design, the design of the “Capo Shoes” was originally made by traditional men's shoes. Shoe crafts draws on.

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Show shoes details

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