"STREET TRIBE" for every wearer can wear out their own unique style

"YUPPIE", that is, Yapi (also known as Yuppies), YOUNGURBANPROFESSIONAL, especially urban young professionals, a class of elite groups. Rise in the 1980s. Some people also called "yuppies" as "excellent leather". Their dress, consumer behavior and lifestyle with more obvious characteristics of the group, but they do not have a clear organizational. They are generally highly educated, have higher levels of knowledge and skills, higher social status, generous salaries and superior social backgrounds. They are not necessarily young, but they are still enthusiastic about luxury goods and the pursuit of advanced enjoyment. They are the "aesthetic" men who pursue lifestyle in the city. They are avant-garde, know how to enjoy, easy to accept new things, have a sense of inspirational innovation and adventure. Without losing the masculinity of men under the premise of a personable, gentlemanly manner, rational and section temperament. Brand positioning: "STREETTRIBE" brand, the Chinese men's body, social and lifestyle combination of three for the design basis to meet the modern fine men's fashion, the desire to wear and new breakthroughs. From his design, you can find a variety of clothing styles to meet the needs of different free, personalized groups. Its products combine European cautious production technology and innovative spirit, adhering to the design concept of Japan and South Korea, bringing together the eastern and western fashion elements, emphasizing the clothing with the personality, comfort, freedom of clothing through different people with, so that every wearer Can wear out their own unique style. Customer orientation: between the ages of 22-39 thoughtful, enjoy the life of sophisticated fashion professionals; career-oriented: the workplace white-collar workers, free people, advocating fashion groups, young people; brand style: urban style taste, comfortable and not bound, simple and Fashionable; Product Positioning: Delicate fashion, urban fashion, personality series; design style: free and comfortable brand style and simple style of popular flavor combination, in line with the modern pursuit of fashion, highlight the individual needs of elegant men's lifestyle ;

The JMY Men's Ring collection includes many types of rings, from the simplest rings without any decoration to the rings with many stylish elements. The products are made of high quality 316L stainless steel with the elements, like agate, diamonds etc. The company aims at serve you the best products. We accept customization, which means you also can design the rings yourself, we can produce it as you requirements with professional design and techonology. JMY collection represents serve you the best products you want.

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