Summer vacation with children to play where the children wear what style of dress

The advent of summer vacation, many parents will take the children to the beach holiday, with a beautiful dress for children, to allow children in this hot weather also have a cool feeling. Today, Biqi leaves bring two fashionable and comfortable dresses for children. Whether it is stitching or printing a dress, it will make children's favorite. This is a holiday vest dress style, with the feeling of the Persian-style, upper body pure white black ethnic mosaic hem exceptionally beautiful splicing, with fashion accessories and broad-brimmed sunhat, will wear a brisk beauty Mood, no matter where, are very trendy. A style of Europe and the United States and the perfect blend of ethnic style dress, high-end custom linen fabric, accompanied by personalized ethnic embroidery, with a small V neck design and high-waist white lace decoration, self-cultivation version of the model does not pick the body fat fat baby Are very suitable, with sweet bow sandals, bringing endless summer romantic!

Children Hats

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