"Ten Years of Excellence, 100 Years of Variety" Zhuo Dizi Fashion Fair was Held

On October 8, 2014, the Zhuo Dizi series fashion event with the theme of “Ten Years of Excellence, 100 Years of Variety” was held in Guangdong Jiangmen Stadium! The conference includes the "World Rainbow · The first Zhuozuozi fashion women's design competition finals", "Zhuo Duo Zi brand 2015 summer new fashion conference" and "Zhuo Duo Zi brand ten anniversary celebration", Zhuo Duozi brand national agency More than two thousand people participated in business, franchisees, partners, special guests, and media reporters.

The "World Rainbow · First Zhuozuozi Fashion Women's Fashion Design Competition Final" arrived on October 8 at 14pm. Among the judges in the finals were Mr. Zhang Qinghui, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Fashion Designers Association; Vice Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, Executive Director of the China-China Apparel Association, Top Ten Fashion Designer of China, and Top honor of the Chinese Fashion Designer. Mr. Liu Yang, winner of Top Award winner; President of Guangdong Costume Culture Promotion Association; Ms. Tang Minyi, Executive Chairman of China Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao Apparel & Accessories Association; Mr. Yang Qibin, Chairman of Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association; Professor Zhang Zhaomei, School of Industrial Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts; Professor Yang Shubin, director of the master's degree in the University, director of the clothing design and engineering department, Ms. Wu Xiaoling, general manager and artistic director of Zhuo Duozi Garments Co., Ltd., Zhongshan, and Zhuo Duosi brand image spokesperson, internationally renowned actress Liu Yifei.

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