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Hangzhou Jie Point Clothing Co., Ltd is a well-known women's enterprise integrating professional design, production, marketing and service. The company is located in Hangzhou, the paradise of human beings and human beings. Owned " Tianyi Cloth " fashion brand since its inception in 2000, relying on advanced management concepts, large-scale production, cutting-edge fashion design, has formed a highly efficient and pragmatic fashion brand operators!


The company now has 2,000 square meters of operating base center and 8,000 square meters of production base center. Company upholds the service is the marketing concept, since its inception. Throughout the country, more than 400 effective terminal retail outlets have been set up to gradually form a marketing channel system that integrates department store counters, retail shops and fashion ladies' living halls.
The target consumer groups of "Tianyi Cloth Products" brand are career women aged 25-35 years. Mainly featuring teachers, doctors, civil servants and white-collar workers, the Company designs and develops more than 2,000 A variety of styles, with different elements to construct a stylish note.

天衣布品时装品牌 美丽不同样

The company is committed to "become the continuous development of China's women's wear industry runner," warmly welcome colleagues throughout the garment industry colleagues to join the "Tianyi Cloth" career family, sharing wealth feast, create brilliant life!
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