Textile industry: thin and thin

Since the financial turmoil in 2008, the "good days" of the knitting industry have gradually come to an end. The burden of superimposition for several years has caused many small and medium-sized enterprises to struggle in zero profits and even lose money. Many companies have shouted: This is The most difficult moment ever.

Starting in September every year, when it was time for factories to “sell one,” every industrial park in the night was supposed to have brilliant lights. However, the reality today is that there are only sporadic lights in the industrial park at night and the orders are reduced. Down.

"This year is the worst year I have ever seen in the knitting industry." The owner of Zhangye Boying Knitting Factory did not shy away from the status quo of many knitting enterprises. The boss of a small business is in trouble.

Avi's factory has been in a whirlpool of losses since April, with an average monthly loss of more than 30,000 yuan in the four months or five months. By October, when the goods were to be picked up at the end of the busy season, the order situation was still not improving. “The most ridiculous is that in October, we did not receive an order in October. The machine in the factory was almost completely shut down. One of our factory workers took the opportunity to leave for a month.” Avi reluctantly said that even if there was no order To work hard, they still have to pay workers a lot of wages to "stabilize the military."

Affected by the external factors such as economic recession in Europe and the United States, the export situation of Zhangye knitted garment industry is also not optimistic. Chen Weiwo, general manager of Foshan Wojin Knitting Co., Ltd., told reporters that the export orders of Wojin Knitting Factory had been greatly reduced, and one or two customers had received orders for foreign trade. With poor sales, the factory can only make efforts to stabilize domestic orders.

Although Foshan did not experience the collapse of large enterprises like Dongguan, the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises are trapped in unsustainable conditions cannot be ignored. During this period, Foshan Everbright Garment Co., Ltd., the leader of the Zhangye knitting industry, is still able to maintain its growth momentum despite the decrease in foreign orders.

"This year's big environment is not good, but the company's overall operating conditions are OK. Sales in the first 10 months of this year increased by 13.9% compared to last year." Chairman of the company Tan Ming Mine said that the overall situation in the industry is a single profit Thin, the orders it received were already scheduled for March or April of next year, but they were basically domestic orders.

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