The paradox between jade and physical health

Jade is gentle and elegant, and jade is often used in ancient poetry to describe beautiful people or things. Modern people's love for jade is even more difficult to say. Many people think that jade has a role in reflecting health and treating diseases. Therefore, jade is often used as a treatment method in daily life. But how much do you know about jade and health knowledge? Is it because of being too persistent and getting into misuse? Wang Chunyun, an internationally renowned jade scholar and Ph.D., of the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave the following explanation for this issue.

Jade is not used to treat kidney disease

Wang Chunyun said that in the 16th century, the Spanish colonists thought that the Indians were wearing jade at the waist to treat kidney disease or low back pain. So there are kidney stone kidneystone, waist stone, jade and other words. But Nephritejade, now translated as nephrite; Central America produces only jadeite. So now many people in the academic world think that the Spaniards made a mistake.

Wang Chunyun believes that the 16th century Spaniards misunderstood jade. He said that jade has absolutely no function in treating kidney disease and low back pain. As for why jade is worn, Wang Chunyun said that the Chinese people think that Peiyu is a symbol of beauty, wealth, identity, etc. People in different regions have different understandings of jade culture. It just shows that the culture of Europeans is a crystal gem culture, not a gentle and implied jade culture, and there is no such thing as jade treatment of kidney disease and low back pain.

Edible jade can cure diseases and become a cognition

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: jade shavings, non-toxic, attending stomach heat, wheezing irritability, quenching thirst. The shavings are like the beans, and they are long and light. It can be seen that the ancients believed that jade had the effect of returning to life and could be used as a fairy.

Wang Chunyun pointed out that from the current scientific point of view, jade is impossible to eat. But these thoughts reflect that the ancient Chinese people held a kind of belief and worship mentality about jade. This thought originated from people's understanding of the physical properties of jade. Jade is a very special material in the universe. It is the most resilient material found on the surface of the earth. Therefore, people at that time thought that if they used jade, they would become like jade, and there would be no destruction between the heavens and the earth. But the reality is not desirable or credible.

The jade bracelet is worn more and more dark, not because it is sick.

Some people in modern times think that jade has spirituality to protect peace, and can also judge their physical condition. The reason is that some people wear jade more and more bright, and some people wear darker and darker. Wang Chunyun pointed out that the light and darkness of jade have nothing to do with fortune or health. The reason why jade is such is due to physical factors.

Wang Chunyun introduced that the final processing of jade is polishing, and leather and other items are generally used in polishing. It is polished with soft cowhide because of its good toughness. The cowhide contains a very fine powder of sand, which can achieve a good polishing effect. The actual person wearing jade is also polishing the jade.

This effect is limited by physical environmental conditions and their own conditions. If you are in a clean environment, the airborne dust is very small, long-term wear, the body and jade rubbing together will play a good polishing effect; if you are in the construction site in the sand, the opposite. If you are a young person, the skin is good, the smaller the pores, the attached dust is also very small, and the polishing effect is good. If it is an old lady, because the skin is rough, the oil is too much, the dust is absorbed, and the polishing effect is poor.

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