The shape of Liangzhu culture jade

Most of the Liangzhu culture jade articles lost their original translucent luster and were pinkish white, which was caused by long-term burial in the ground.

The only batch of jade wares that were unearthed from the Fuquan Mountain cemetery were yellow-green and yellow-brown. Some jade articles were identified as permeable stone--the yangshi stone series nephrite, and a few were leaf serpentine. And quartz, the source of jade material should be taken locally.

The Liangzhu ancestors generally used the sand solution method in the treatment of jade technology, that is, using sand and water to add jade tools to cut the jade by friction. From the traces left by the jade, the combination of the collar cutting characterized by the linear motion of the sheet-like hard object and the wire cutting characterized by the arc motion of the string-like hard object was applied to the pupil of the jade. The fine Yinxian pattern on the jade is mainly made up of the fine silk of the hairspring directly carved by hand jade, which is often composed of several scratches. After the jade is carved, the surface should be polished and smooth to achieve the effect of light. The jade technology of Liangzhu Culture represents the highest level of jade craft in the Neolithic Age.

The Liangzhu culture jade species are divided into spheres, cymbals, crowns, trigeminals, cylinders, cones, cymbals, semi-circular ornaments, trivial, jewellery, string ornaments, crescent moons, etc. Animal ornaments, hooks, plaques, end ornaments and handles. From the point of view of use, enamel, scorpion, crown, trigeminal, and town are rituals, which are the tools used by humans to worship the gods in prehistoric times. This marks that the ancient part of the Chinese painting has begun to break away from real life and gradually become a mysterious veil and embark on the altar.

Among the models of Liangzhu Culture, jade bracelets and jade rings are rich in shape, beautifully crafted and highly artistic. It can be roughly divided into six shapes.

First, the short tube looks like a dragonfly. At the tomb of No. 4 Zhangling Mountain, the device is yellow-green with brown spots. Translucent, with a feeling of gelatin. Cylindrical, there is a large circular hole for the drill, the hole has a one-week table mark, and the surface has four corresponding rectangular convex arc surfaces. A set of animal face patterns is engraved on each convex arc surface. The composition of the animal face pattern is rough eyebrows, inverted eyes, horizontal nose, wide mouth, and exposed teeth. It is made of symmetry symbolic method and combined with the technique of tube drilling and engraving. It is the Liangzhu culture animal face pattern is early representative. It is 3.5 cm high, 10 cm in diameter and 8.2 cm in aperture.

Second, the cylinder shape is decorated with silk. One piece unearthed from the Yaoshan cemetery, the device is white, wide-banded, and the inner wall is slightly straight. There are thirteen oblique ribs on the outer wall, and the decorative effect is slightly like the skein of the later generation. The outer diameter is 6.9 cm, the inner diameter is 5.7 cm, and the width is 2.2 cm.

Third, the narrow strip is ring-shaped. One piece unearthed from the Yaoshan cemetery, the chicken bone is white, and the yellow-green plaque is faint. The bracelet is narrow and narrow, the width is narrow, the processing is not fine, the section is rectangular, the hole is made of two faces, and the middle part of the inner wall forms a circle of ribs. . It is 0.5-0.8 cm high, 10 cm in diameter and 9.3 cm in aperture.

Its four, deep cylindrical. One of the tombs unearthed at the Tomb No. 4 of Zhangling Mountain, the jade color is greenish green and has brown spots. The hole is made of two faces, the hole wall is polished, the outer wall is slightly beamed, and the light is without grain. It has a diameter of 8.1 cm, a hole diameter of 6.1 cm and a thickness of 2.5-2.9 cm.

The fifth is a short tube shape with an inner arc inside the outer wall. One piece unearthed from the Yaoshan cemetery is white chicken bone with reddish brown freckle. The bracelet is thick and wide, the inner wall is straight, the outer wall is concave curved surface, the cross section is slightly semi-circular, the shape is regular, and the polishing is fine. 2 cm high, 8.1 cm in diameter and 5.9 cm in aperture.

Its six, flat and round. A jade ring unearthed from Zhangling Mountain in Wu County, Jiangsu Province. The jade color is greenish green, with a large round hole in the middle and a round outer edge. The grinding is not regular enough, and the jade is crystal clear and moist. The diameter is 7.2-8.2 cm, the diameter is 4.5-4.7 cm, and the thickness is 0.7-1.3 cm.

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