The top ten of the overall wardrobe maintenance

Although the overall wardrobe is not very common in China, it has begun to creep in popularity. Because the whole wardrobe is usually embedded in the wall, it can't be moved like an ordinary wardrobe. How to maintain it is a matter of learning. The service life of the overall wardrobe depends first on the materials used, followed by the construction process. If these two aspects are no problem, then the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the usual maintenance. Sunburn Home summarizes the top ten tips for overall wardrobe maintenance, please read:

The top ten of the overall wardrobe maintenance

Scientific maintenance can extend the life of the entire wardrobe

1. Always keep the door clean and there should be no debris or dust in the track. When cleaning, use a semi-wet rag to wipe the cabinet and cabinet door. Never use corrosive detergent. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as the frame and the tie rod are wiped with a dry cloth.

2, should prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting the track, scratching the cabinet and door panels, the cabinet edge can not touch water and other liquid solvents, so as to avoid the edge of the edge.

3, let it be breathable, or use dehumidifying agents regularly, so as to avoid the body and clothes being exposed to moisture. Use less aromatic fragrances to deodorize the wardrobe, as they are likely to cause damage to the fabric.

4, wooden wardrobe usually just use a clean rag to wipe, if it is dirty, you can use soapy water or a neutral detergent, wipe with a damp cloth.

5. It is a normal phenomenon that the light rail door pulleys are used for a long time. To ensure that the pulleys are smooth and quiet for a long time, please add some lubricating oil along the upper and lower pulleys every 2-3 months.

6. When the air in the living room or the weather is too humid, please open the doors and windows regularly and put a small bag of dry lime or other desiccant in the corner of the closet to prevent mold and deformation of the cabinet and door panel.

7. Do not place the closet in direct sunlight, so as to prevent the wood from being deformed or cracked under the light.

8. When purchasing, it is the best strategy to reduce the dust by selecting furniture with high degree of closeness in drawers and cabinets.

9. When using the sliding door for a long time, the dust-proof strip may have a slight glue drop. It can be glued with double-sided tape. The lower track positioner has a gap in the position. You can use a flat-blade screwdriver to align the positioner to the side plate. To the tight seam; the sliding door is tilted, and the rightward tilting is to adjust the "loose" sign of the left bottom wheel or the "tight" sign of the right bottom wheel.

10. When using the sliding door, be sure to first see if the handle is protruding. If there is a bulge, it should be flat first, otherwise it will damage the side cabinet or handle.

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