The world's top five shoe-making countries

Where is the best place for shoes? Of course, China is still the ideal shoe-making location for many people. Last year, China produced 12 billion pairs of shoes and more than 20,000 shoe factories. In addition, China has a very comprehensive resource and transportation system. However, the times have changed. Labor costs have been rising. Many shoe factories in China have also exited the footwear industry and sought a more profitable industry. Most footwear factories have also begun to shift their businesses to inland and northern China. In order to find the most suitable place, FootwearNews talks with shoemaking associations in Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam and Other regions to find out what measures the government in these regions have promulgated to attract foreign investment. The good news is that many other countries attach great importance to the shoe-making market. As the United States recently approached the United States, Mexico introduced the quality assurance system. It is bound to become the best choice for the footwear industry in the United States. Indonesia is making every effort to attract foreign investment. The following is an introduction to the specific operating costs of these countries. Brazil: Number of Factories: 8200 Average Hourly Salary: 3.18 USD Production Scope: Men's, Women's, Children's Shoes Brazil has a self-sustaining production chain and its raw materials are also very rich and do not need to be completely imported. In addition, Brazil has the world's largest herd, can provide a lot of animal skins and so on. Brazil's shoemaking process is also very advanced, the government also introduced many measures to support the development of the footwear industry. Ethiopia: Number of Factories: 1150 Average Hourly Salary: 15 cents - 1.5 USD Production Range: Casual Shoes and Evening Shoes Ethiopia offers the world's best shoemaking raw materials and labor costs are one eighth of China's cost. The government has extensively established industrial zones, highways and resource supply systems such as electricity in various regions of the country.

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