There is a value of a combination of children to win in the "double fight era"

Look pretty or cute Meng baby, always make people can not help but take a look. If you give your child dressed a little fashion point, no doubt is the icing on the cake, children's turnaround Biao rose 200%. This "Shuangpin era", the child not only have the value of paint, but also hot moms tide their children dress up skill. So, in the long dress for children to dress on the long road, what style of clothes, hot mom tide can not miss it, take a look at Banana baby Banana Baby Kids bring you what the best beauty to take. Plaid coat plaid As always, loved by everyone, is not without reason. This wine red and white with a plaid coat, can not tell the sweet college temperament. With a dark gray one piece pantyhose, very stylish seductive Oh. Baseball uniform coat Boy lively and athletic spirit, and sometimes through a baseball uniform to express. Black and light gray with a little more calm in the fresh. Lower body with the same light-colored jeans, the second change the streets of a small influx of people. Sweater letter winter sweater also worth trying sweater coat. Letter printing gives the child a complete set of Korean flavors. Lower body white socks, and then with black sports shoes, hats, scarves echo each other, take off a Han Fan sports adorable little girl Oh.

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