This is a hot spot in the summer

Lead: This is an implied summer. In the raging World Cup, whether it is South Africa in cold weather, or in China where no one has reached the finals, there is a glamorous sight of the 'drumball' beauty.

This is a summer when everyone fears that it is not sexy enough. Fashion trends say that they are shorter than short and more exposed than naked! Well, you prefer to wear "hot" and be abandoned by "conservative" societies. Nor can you wear "conservative" to be "provoked" in fashion!


This is an implied summer. In the raging World Cup, whether it is South Africa in cold winter or China in the finals, there is a glamorous "dimball" beauty everywhere. In South Africa, beautiful women from various countries painted the flag on the pink “left hemisphere” and declared to the world that she was “hearted”; Paraguay made its first appearance in the group, but it was even more popular in the world. It was a Paraguayan woman. Fans, because she affixed her mobile phone with her breast milk, made the global audience synchronize with her "machine"; while in the country where the national football is sluggish, all kinds of football treasures can be seen in an endless stream, and everyone is scrambling to say that he is " "The first football baby" is doing a good job of making people happy, and is going to compete with the World Cup to catch up with the men's day and night and see the beauty's red eyes. But maybe you see only an endless number of "balls" in your eyes, and you don't see the same face after makeup.

This is an elegant summer. From high to low, all fashion brands have launched short shorts that can't be short, revealing a gauze that can't be overshadowed. Even ladies, Chanel, in the spring and summer of 2010, put on tattoos that have never been just bad girls. Bare thighs and clavicle and neck. The Lafayette took advantage of the locomotive led the 2011 early spring vacation show, but also completely lost the dignity has always been, just the three-point cover on the black mesh cloak this "dust" accessories came out.

Of course, under the leadership of Lady Gaga, the show's clothing, which was firmly believed to have been unable to wear directly on the street, was originally open to people. Three-point + transparent gauze, is to go out to eat a lunch thing. Although, recently, our Fashion Icon Gaga sister was wearing a see-through underwear and high donkey hoof shoes, she thrived at the London Airport, but we all knew that if it wasn’t her always staggering line With the gas field, who has even fallen and was reported by the global media for the first time?

Economists say that the short skirt index is linked to the economic index. The shorter the skirt, the better the economy. "The mind is active," and the behavior begins to "ignite the fire." In this case, we must look at the trend of the season and we are afraid that we will not be able to get out of the way. The economy must have recovered extremely rapidly!

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