Tianzhu Nanshan 12 anniversary | greetings for you save a huge sum of money

Double eleven, no control, just want to ask: your hands okay?

Helpless after just over double eleven, when you break the fingers of self-reflection, Nanshan Tianhong shop celebrate, Tianzhu Healthy Living Museum by the power of celebration, Tianzhu 2015 autumn and winter new 3 fold, the discount comparable to double eleven, shop celebration The audience 3 fold new home service three fold? Double eleven is a half off! Miss double eleven have regret once, and then miss the celebration activities, do not blame the world did not regret medicine!

Activity time: November 20 ~ November 30

5% off household items Shenzhen, although the three "winter" failure, presumably overnight, the winter is approaching, and its temperature plunge of goods, it is better to aim at this shop activities to buy buy, after this time, but no discount !

There is a buy if there is only to send gifts, it is easy, how to highlight the high-tech self-style, gift quality and quality assurance is the key!

You are so good, how can you lose your home service? Bamboo hot autumn and winter 2015 new hands offer!

Crimson lace series - white lace with dark red stripes, dignified style, special taste!


Red Su-wrapped series - Rich layers of lines more fluid, highlight the feminine fashion trendy!

天竹南山12周年庆|嘘寒问暖 为你省笔巨款

Elegant and simple series - the break point of clothes, artificial radian, highlighting the quality of the details, quality enhance the brand!

天竹南山12周年庆|嘘寒问暖 为你省笔巨款

Jiaoqiao Keren series - dark red, classic style, interpretation of the subtle charm!

天竹南山12周年庆|嘘寒问暖 为你省笔巨款

Sweet fashion series - sweet printing, intellectual introverted, distributed home life style!

天竹南山12周年庆|嘘寒问暖 为你省笔巨款

Perfect wild series - extraordinary taste, unique and unique natural, 尽显 leisurely lifestyle!

天竹南山12周年庆|嘘寒问暖 为你省笔巨款

Bamboo new concession area

Subway No. 1 Luo Bao Line Taoyuan Station Exit B go straight

Bus stop: Taoyuan South new intersection

Store Address: Taoyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, No. 86 Tianhong Shopping Center [Tianzhu Health Living Museum counters]

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