Tooling wind cotton clothing wear feminine

Ben Wang News on January 7, fashion and style of cotton clothes with a tooling style in this season is very popular, stylish colors, perfect cut, so that the body is full of charming sexy atmosphere, very stylish, elegant woman taste.

Light pink straight-type cotton padded, thick lamb hair, super warm, crisp cotton fabric

Light pink straight-type cotton clothes, thick lamb hair, super warm, crisp cotton fabrics, so Yiyi very stylish, simple and stylish hooded design, full of romantic street casual style.

Bright color stitching, so that the clothing has a three-dimensional line, crisp fabrics, simple design concept

Bright color mosaic, so that Yiyi has three-dimensional lines, crisp fabrics, simple design concept, showing a fashionable sports style, exquisite small collar, revealing a very charming and capable color, with a handsome full.

Black exquisite short cotton dress, silky and glossy texture fabric, showing a very elegant atmosphere

Dark blue delicate short cotton clothes, silky and shiny texture of the fabric, reflects a very elegant atmosphere, thick silk cotton inside, very comfortable and warm to wear, delicate and three-dimensional short lines, with a very capable.

Elegant colors, romantic texture, delicate and stylish small lapels

Elegant colors reflect the romantic texture, delicate and stylish little lapels, showing a lovely playful taste. Delicate and gentle lamb hair, wear very comfortable, relaxed version, easy to relax.

Dark blue cotton jacket, slightly tooling design style, full of cool feeling

Dark blue cotton jacket, slightly styled tooling, full of cool, thick and crisp cotton fabric, so that the clothing is very stylish, classic hood design, elegant rabbit hair decoration, adding a charming romantic color.

Dark blue vest, slim version, showing a very relaxed casual color

The dark blue waistcoat, the slim-fitting version, embodies a very relaxed casual colour, a lustrous and silky fabric, an exquisitely elegant texture, an exquisite small stand-up collar, a sleek atmosphere and a beautiful patchwork pattern on the chest. Reveals cool street atmosphere.

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