Tsai Kang-yung, "on behalf of" small S appeared CHIC2012 Mummy booth in October site

Taiwanese variety show "Kangxi is coming," the host moderator Kevin Tsai on the 26th a tide appeared high profile in Beijing, to attend the clothing fair " October Mommy " booth site.

Not only did he show off his sideline, he was also invited to personally experience the fashion of maternity wear. He also previewed the third-generation baby face of the gold partner S with the sponsor's high-tech synthesis, Synthesis of a and small S exclusive baby face "Kangxi kid" atmosphere suddenly detonated the highest point.

十月妈咪 - O.C.T.mami

Today, Tsai Kang-yung, under the arrangement of the organizers, personally embodied the "3d dressing mirror" and showed off his own sideline. He personally dressed women in the field with costumes. Many lucky people enjoyed their idols for them Gorgeous transfiguration, it is worth mentioning that, this time for his fans with the clothes are not popular fashion but maternity, Tsai Kang-yung explained that this can reflect his excellency, can mate with Such a fashion, for him, is the affirmation of the success of his sideline, for the small friend S again pregnant, Tsai Kang-yung also expressed deep blessing. Tsai Kang-yung on the scene that the most beautiful thing in the world is the beauty of life, pregnant women can dress more stylish, pregnant women the most beautiful. Finally, under the guidance of the host, all the "lucky ones" who were rebuilt by Professor Cai were happy to take pictures with their idols.

The highlight of today's event comes from the "October Mommy Baby face" designed by the organizers. In this session, as long as the father and mother's head picture into the computer can preview the baby's photos, so high-tech approach is the first trial of a small S couple, when synthesized photos, Kevin Kang said with a smile Like ". When asked about the baby and the previous baby when compared to, Tsai actually also sold a lawsuit, the scene big fight riddles, see the teacher on the small S really have so little "girlfriends" feeling. At the end of the event, the main idea came as a surprise to create a photo of Tsai Kang-yung with a photo of a small S, and a brand new baby face appeared. The audience below enthusiastically called "Kangxi Kid" Very calm and explained: "really cute." It seems that the variety show hosted by the Taiwan Arts Festival deserved reputation, the atmosphere was completely funny atmosphere Kevin Kang was high to the highest point.

As a good partner of small S and friends of the best friends, Tsai Kang-yung still adhere to the "Kangxi to the" presided over the post, for the rumors of a small S suffering from prenatal depression, Tsai Kang-yung repeatedly denied at the scene of the event and said: "I think small S No grumpy, she is the third child, certainly not before the excited, but she has been very cheerful and smooth.

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