Underwear a few months to replace a good bra, how long it will change

The choice of a woman 's underwear can be quite research, but for the replacement of underwear but do not know, sometimes wearing only underwear to deformation was willing to throw away, how long will get a new bra again? Liang Jing underwear to tell you, bra secret. Teach you how to keep fit.


How often to replace the bra once, in fact, according to the time to projections, three to six months can be replaced once, like many women like to buy a lot of underwear at home, for wear, so you can extend that wear frequency Lower, so the more the better bra, but some girls on the two or three bras to wear, so it is best to change a new one in three months is better.

内衣几个月更换一次比较好 文胸多长时间就要换新

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