"Van color" brand wish you all wishes come true, work smoothly, family fun!

"Van color" brand wish you all wishes come true, work smoothly, family fun! When the new year's bell rang through the night sky, we ushered in a hopeful year 2012. On the occasion of this festive season, where the total color Van Garment Co., Ltd. Zhong always bring the staff, to all the new and old customers to express my heartfelt thanks, and wish everyone in 2012, all wishes come true, the work goes well, family fun! Van denim advocate "new fashion, new life," a new way of life, create a completely self-fashion style. Stationed in China, where the color cowboy enabled Hunan Satellite TV presenters Li Weijia, Wu Xin and other celebrity endorsements, with its youthful image highlights the color of the sun, elegant, unassuming Korean denim style. Sales of Korean denim in the form of brand chain, South Korea where the color cowboy officially stationed in Guangzhou, China. Van denim focus on product original design, focus on Korean denim style design and development. The company has many well-known South Korean denim clothing designer, professional brand marketing team and product development team, and in mainland China set up a number of apparel production plants and equipped with efficient logistics team support, long-term and major domestic media to maintain long-term and deep cooperative relations . Multiple resources to ensure that where the color cowboy in the trend of information between China and South Korea unimpeded, so that where the color cowboy products truly "fashion without borders, the trend of zero-day." In terms of brand promotion, the Company grasps the Korean denim dress style with the strategy of combining brand image spokesperson, famous host of Hunan TV Station Li Wei Jia, Wu Xin signing, brand promotion public relations activities and brand image advertising.

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