Vanneal Chennai children show confident woman's charm

Hong Kong Kaoru Nye children is a company set design, development, production, sales as one of Hong Kong enterprises, enterprises expand the domestic market, the development of the brand line, to create "Vanneal Kaoru Nye children" fashion brand. On the product, the company invested a considerable effort, a collection of a group of professional and technical product design team, and design as a leader, to create internationally renowned women's brand as the goal. The company focuses on the franchise chain network construction, direct marketing and franchising to expand the market.


Brand story:
"Vanneal" originated in Hong Kong, the expression of a romantic, elegant and stylish personality white-collar family; a free combination of romantic colors; the pursuit of simple, stylish design style; high-quality fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship reflects the " Unique fashion concept.

Vanneal薰奈儿女装 展现自信女人的魅力

Brand Style:
"Vanneal" combines the latest European fashion elements, attention to detail changes and the whole break with the effect of design, stylish, elegant expression of the perfect packaging for urban women, fully demonstrates the charm and confidence of modern women, simple design, elegant chic The details of the changes, elegant fabrics, exquisite tailoring work, more suitable for modern fashion women's needs and cultural taste.

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Art Paint Medium

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