Warmly celebrate the South West brand children's clothing [Shanxi Linfen Trade and Industry Store] grand opening November 17

Rainy, it seems that what to do are powerless, it seems to be doing nothing to mention. So whether you need to plan a "strong medicine" to make you excited? What is really what to say, whether the birth of a new store so that your emotions. Warm congratulations Nancy like brand children's clothing [Shanxi Linfen Trade and Industry Store] November 17 grand opening, congratulate the new store opened, the business is booming. With your blustered heart fast into the store to buy it! In line with the baby's temperament, the store's interior decoration are very lively, with a variety of cute cartoon mini furnishings, I believe the little ones will be attracted to it, then let's enter the store! Adults will choose their own clothes, then the baby's clothes or mom and dad are still need to worry about. Into the South West as the store, still do not need you to worry about, every minute to pick out the clothes for the baby. The temperature has been getting lower and lower, so the choice of warm down jacket and woolen coat are the things to do at the moment, while South West as the new trendy style is to bring the baby into the fashion country.

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