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Hong Kong Water Adidas International Garments Co., Ltd. is a collection of product development, production and sales in an international apparel business, located in the enjoyment of "Pearl of the Orient" reputation of Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Water Adventist Group International Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand "Water Adventist Adidas" to enter the Hong Kong market in 2007, the majority of consumers by the pro-Lai, the brand "Heiner fashion, taste excellence" for Guidelines, independent research and development as the core, marketing-oriented "business philosophy, adhere to the pragmatic, honest, service and win-win development philosophy, Hong Kong and the Mainland has now established a sound marketing network in most provinces and cities have 100 Yu monopoly and counter, formed a proxy , Direct two main terminal channels, the company for all levels of dealers to provide quality products and perfect service support. Water Adidas focus on business team building, "Yucai, with Only to stay, "as the core purpose of the company brought together an efficient, professional and dedicated management team for the company's development has laid a solid foundation.

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Companies efficient service, a unified brand image, pragmatic terminal sales strategy throughout the marketing system. Looking forward to the future, "Aqua-Adirondack" will adhere to the corporate culture of "responsibility, pragmatism, innovation and service", take the responsibility of spreading health and fashion as its mission, aiming at creating high-end brand and achieving win-win situation, and strive to create brilliant tomorrow!


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