Welcome to the Spring Festival, Caribeibei parent-child blessing Carnival Shopping Festival

In order to celebrate the joyful arrival of the most important New Year in China and wish everyone a happy family in the new year, the Carrabbey Taobao Parents and Children's Flagship Store held a special blessing party with a very rare opportunity. .07--2012.1.18 Activity: audience over 488, the legislation by 98 yuan Oh ~ And, buy more, less, not cap it. In addition, pro, also free shipping (limited to the first weight Shen Tong, remote areas excluded) Oh ~ details, please consult the store customer service. Domestic parent-child fashion pilot brand - Calabel, belonged to Calabbey Hong Kong International Holdings Limited. Caribe Beibei parent-child clothing includes children's clothing, mother and daughter, mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and son, family, lovers and hair accessories, dolls, hats, bags and other apparel products, affectionately into the domestic market since 2005, has always been widespread Customer's favorite, won the 2007-consumer recognition of "Chinese famous brand." Calabbey has the world's leading international parent-child fashion design team, from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other places of outstanding designers and fashion elites in the Mainland to work together to create a colorful product line Calabay and Smart and diverse design style, Always lead the domestic parent-child clothing trends. With the brand characteristics of "romance, fashion and classic", we always enrich and pass on the culture of love. At the same time, as the domestic parent-child fashion pilot brand, Calabbey has accumulated many years of experience in sales and management of parent-child clothing as well as Steady production and supply system, continue to promote the breakdown of the domestic parent-child market and more accurate positioning of customers, for every loyal operator to create real value! Calabelbe brand management is not just clothes, but The taste of love, the feeling of happiness! We want to change not people's clothing, but a attitude toward children and families, more is a way of life!

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