What if the customer says that your product price is high?

[China Glass Network] Q: When you encounter a variety of customer inquiries, the quotation is really difficult. When many customers hear the price, the former reaction is how the price is so high (in fact, some prices are not high). How to answer this situation, ask!

A: Price is the embodiment of value!

The position of the price should appear in the appropriate position, which is the value behind. It should not be crossed. Whether it is introduced on the mouth or implemented on paper, there must be a process of shaping value. The value has been shaped and naturally reflects the price!

The price level is relative and it is relatively comparative. If the customer is your expensive, there must be a scale in his heart, and you must first understand this scale. This scale is your competitive price and the average market price. Know yourself and know each other! But when comparing, try not to belittle the competing products, and say that you are stronger than the competing products!

Therefore, when selling to products, it should be divided into 2 steps. One is to first shape the value, which is to introduce the advantages of your products. In fact, this is very difficult, because many products are not different from the characteristics of the products that we theoretically say. Said the price advantage, and the price advantage is less reliable, so companies and sales personnel must first find the unique characteristics of their products, this is the value of your product center!

If the customer says expensive, you have to ask why it is expensive? What is the scale in his heart? Let him say it, and then you will explain to you which scale difference you can make!

Don't say that your things are not expensive, tell customers that your products are more valuable!

Another point, saying that expensive things are people's buying habits, you will also say that you buy things first, how can customers say to you: Yeah, your things are too cheap! Oh, when the customer says this, 100% will not buy you!

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