What is the most suitable sleeping environment for the human body?

The most comfortable temperature for human body sleep: when the body surface is between 34 °C and 35 °C, the human body feels comfortable and is more conducive to sleep;

Suitable relative humidity when the human body sleeps: should be 60% -70%;

Good softness and smoothness make it easier to fall asleep;

Hypoallergenic means that antibacterial and anti-mite can eliminate most allergens and promote deep sleep;

The smell is to remove the odor, and the essential oil can make people fall asleep faster;

The most comfortable color for human body sleep: light blue, light green, light purple, pink and other light gray colors can make people quiet and promote drowsiness.

These not only help improve people's sleep and improve the quality of sleep, but also establish a healthy maintenance sleep system in the home textile industry to create a clean, healthy and vibrant sleep environment.

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