Wildfox Women's 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Fashion Lookbook

Every time Lookbook always brings a new style of Los Angeles brand Wildfox, recently released the 2015 Spring-Summer series Lookbook, respectively, brings a very different Gypsy style and retro atmosphere of the 90s, in the integration of the brand has always been unrestrained, wild and sexy After the special features, the unique fresh and temptation features of young girls are displayed, and people are more looking forward to the arrival of Spring and Summer. With the theme of “She is a Gypsy”, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is filled with the spirit of stray and unruly. Just like a young girl with a rebellious atmosphere, she likes to frolic in an outdoor environment, even ordinary tannins. Clothing, printed shirts and cotton T-SHIRT were contaminated with such a young and full of personality.

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