Women's brand of wood and silk with romantic strokes outline the gentle and gentle temperament

Wood silk exquisite fashion ladies, to grasp today's fashion pulse, financial and cultural spirit of the East and the West, to the romantic style interpretation of modern urban women, ladies, fashion, rustic romantic, modern intellectual women well-designed sophisticated fashion ladies, Let them infinite life longing, pay attention to the details of every soul of life experience, a higher aesthetic ability and stable income ...


木帛品牌女装 以浪漫笔调勾勒恬静柔美气质

Since the establishment of the company in 2002, after seven years of tempered trials and hardships, has stood out in the fierce market competition. MuBo has become a well-known brand of Hangpai Women's and even Chinese women's wear. Looking back in the past, Mu Bili experienced a leapfrogged development by leaps and bounds, with a small change every year and a drastic change in three years. Looking at the present, Mu Bian products have been sold in 30 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 300 employees, with high-level management, research and development personnel more than 50 people, with more than 5,000 square meters of standard workshop, is a set design, production and sales in One of the Clothing brand enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, Muobo will be guided by diversified consumer demand, grasp the pulse of fashion, integrate the Eastern and Western cultural spirits, and interpret the modern metropolis ladies and romantic sentiment in a romantic style.

Companies adhere to the integrity-based, quality first value concept, relying on the professional mode of operation of the brand and efficient internal management processes, continue to provide customers with stable high-quality, high value-added products and services.

Specially designed for infants and toddlers, the sizes we normally make are 6m, 12m, 18m, 2t, 3t and 4t. Rompers&rompers are onesies with snaps/plastic buttons at crotch. It`s easy for parents to change diapers for their kids.


Here we have versatile styles:  Jon-jons, Tutu Onesies, Bubble Rompers, Flutter Sleeves Jumpsuit Romper, Chic Halter Bubble Romper, Dressy Rompers etc.


To make your rompers more distinct, we can add machine smocking, embroidery, applique, ruffle, lace and ribbon.


The MOQ is only 200pcs/ style. Super quality at low price. Find a fun bubble romper to match your little one's personality by JannyBB.

boutique bubbles&rompers

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