Wu Xin endorsement of the YES costumes lead the wild fashion trend

Wu Xin endorsement of the YES apparel is a "wild fashion ", "fast fashion" apparel brand, in order to highlight the YES apparel brand charm, Wu Xin endorsement period to play the brand stylist, with its full complement of professional functions as professional Stylist. Wu Xin endorsement YES apparel, clothing is deeply recognized the brand concept and business model! As a fashionista Wu Xin decided to come to a wild image this autumn, whether it is dark Gothic LOOK, or playful cute cute, easy to control! Xiaobian today to bring everyone together to appreciate the end of YES Wu Xin apparel, the latest advertising blockbuster: Let us along with the YES costumes into a different sweet and glamorous Wu Xin world

YES时尚女装 吴昕代言的YES服饰 引领百搭时尚新潮流

2013 YES Dress invites Wu Xin to become a brand ambassador and stylist. YES was founded in 1993, it strongly for the majority of urban women to provide fashion, stylish and superb clothing, to create more close to the pulse of the pop culture and life attitude, by many women in hot pursuit. Avatar designer Wu Xin, as a fashion sweetheart leader, but also how to control the black and white ash and other handsome Look, this season's hot civilian single Scottish Plaid also come in.

吴昕代言的YES服饰 引领百搭时尚新潮流 吴昕代言的YES服饰 引领百搭时尚新潮流

Wu Xin & YES costumes Qingli interpretation of the happy energy on the road dream

"Fashion represents a kind of spirit, a young person. The young people born in the 80s and 90s are always thinking of how to show themselves more vividly and always like to go the different route of fashion." It is to make YES dress and Wu Xin embarked on the main factors of creative cooperation.

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