Yang Lei boutique underwear series creative design warm and healthy

Yang Lei thermal underwear relying on "people-oriented" design concept, design cutting in line with fashion, elegant, comfortable clothing styles. While paying attention to the creative design, the requirements of the fabrics are also kept improving. The knitted fabric which embodies "green, healthy and comfortable" has been developed and developed according to the demand of underwear. Yang Lei products not only adhering to the traditional characteristics of environmental protection and comfort, but also with modern scientific research technology, with health care functions. Due to the strong R & D production capacity, Yang Lei underwear by consumers.


洋蕾精品内衣系列 创意设计保暖健康

Papermaking Clothing is an accessory on paper machine. It is the most important medium for sheet forming and dehydration on paper machine. It plays a key role in paper forming quality and is a consumable material used in paper making and dehydration in paper industry..

Paper Machine Clothing is woven with copper wire,stainless steel wire, polyester monofilament, nylon monofilament and so on. 

According to the structure of forming section, there are three types of paper machine: Fourdrinier machine,Cyliner Mould Machine and Vat paper Machine ect.

We Supply the Cylinder Mould Wire Cloth made of Stainless steel, Polyester and Nylon with endless circle cloth, The Mesh count from 10mesh - 120mesh.

cylinder wire

Polyester Mould Cylinder Fabric

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