Yi Nengjing functional endorsements to share the "body of the road."

Yi Nengjing successful endorsement Winnebala functional underwear , and to share with her the "figure of the road."

"I think women, whether good or bad, should wear functional underwear to maintain or improve their body shape." From her speech, she can see how she has maintained her perfect body over the years.


Yi Nengjing endorsement Venabeira underwear

Elinor started wearing functional underwear during her teens, but she did not worry about wearing functional underwear during her growth and development could be detrimental to health. Because she knows at this time need to wear functional underwear to shape the golden ratio of the shape. As for health issues, Eneon reminded that as long as the pressure of choice is appropriate, targeted, or limited to localized functional underwear, it will not be affected. The most important thing is in the growth and development, it is necessary to manage and control the fat, that after setting, will have a good body.

The method is there, insist is the key. Yi Neng Jing will be able to persist in the end, because she has a "summer and winter repair" theory to guide. Summer wear light pressure, fabric thin and breathable to carry out conservation. In winter it is necessary to wear heavy pressure for body correction. This method of wear, more female friends can adhere to because of acceptance.

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