Yu Menglai home textiles staying up late to watch the ball

The European Cup has already started, and the fans are enjoying a feast of more than 20 days. Ju Menglai Home Textile Health Consultant reminds everyone: It is best to watch the ball, don't hurt the spirit, and fully prepare the ball in advance.

Middle-aged people staying up late to watch the ball can easily lead to accidents. Continuously staying up late and watching the ball excited, and then drinking some beer to eat barbecue, is a big burden on the heart of middle-aged people. During the 2010 World Cup, there was a hospital that had admitted a middle-aged fan who was watching the ball and staying up late to cause an acute heart attack. It was the day and night to watch the ball, resulting in low immunity, and the foundation of the blood vessel itself was not good, at the climax of a game. Vasospasm occurs when it causes acute myocardial infarction. Yu Menglai health consultants advised that the plaques in the heart vessels of 40-55 years old are the most unstable and prone to sudden death. It is best for fans of this age to watch live broadcasts in multiple sessions.

In addition, staying up late to watch the ball is easy to get stomach problems. According to the hospital's gastroenterologist, staying up late to watch the ball, the stomach is prone to discomfort. In addition, the rainy season is coming, the wet weather will affect the gastrointestinal function. If you stay up late, it will lead to severe hypoxia in the gastrointestinal tract, which will cause gastrointestinal mucosal damage and cause stomach pain and other discomfort. Long-term stay up all night can even cause stomach ulcers, atrophic gastritis.

Experts remind that watching the ball staying up late is also prone to earache, tinnitus, gastroenteritis, lumbar disorder, and acute conjunctivitis. Therefore, the fans should be well prepared. Pay attention to rest and sleep during the day, do not let the body be in a state of “lack of consciousness” for a long time; pay attention to balanced diet, choose some sour foods and high-protein foods, and reduce the intake of beer and barbecue foods. In addition, watch the game every time for activities, drink plenty of water, do a radio gymnastics, refresh your mind, reduce thrombosis; prepare some eye drops, let your eyes rest every half an hour or so, use the gap to force blinking Do eye exercises, you can also drink chrysanthemum tea to protect your eyes. If you often stay up all night watching the ball, it is best to make a small feeling at noon during the day, and moderate exercise, you can save physical strength.

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