Zhuowei Le children's clothing 15 spring and summer new collection of aura of all things

On the occasion of the spring, the Sogni kids spring 2015 spring and summer new products also opened the prelude to a natural dress! In the laughter and enthusiasm, Zhuowei Le children's clothes to sing their dreams, everything Of the aura to give every child a life of brewing! New emphasis on hugging nature, close to nature, drawing on the expression of flowers and plants, through the magical manufacture of knitted fabrics, Zhuowei Lele children's clothing full of imagination and romantic vitality clothing . Floral art, elegant colors and natural elements of the collection, integration of the major trend of the essence, seemingly natural, but in fact natural to carving. Fashionable will dress and restore the true colors of the children, delicate and sweet range of children suitable for the little girl, and the cheerful minimalist and the boy hit it off. Make full use of children's favorite cartoon patterns, color cut, etc., focused on creating three-dimensional space for children to completely relax, feel lazy light fashion. Elegant European aristocrat style will also be revealed, which is also consistent with the British classical classic Zhuo Weirle brand. In a relaxed and pleasant dress, feel the music and color, cultivate sentiment from childhood, use of innocence to glorify noble and beautiful. Rational collocation and behavior of the norm, will develop more gentle children. Sogni kids Zhuowei Le is committed to providing children aged 1-12 in the high-end brand children's clothing line. 2015 new upgrade, gorgeous transformation, in constant adjustment, and children alongside!

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